Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shots from the "Art Tasting" show

So the Art Tasting Show at Earthbound Day Spa in Wilmington, NC has come and gone.  The event was really well put together and quite fun.  I was very happy with the way my work looked at the location and ABC, who is shooting a made for TV film in Wilmington titled Teen Spirit, contacted me about using my art as set dressing in scene they will be shooting at Earthbound.  All in all a nice experience an hopefully it wont be too long before I can watch TV and point at the screen going "hey, I made that!".  Enjoy these photos from the show I will try to get names for all the people pictured as soon as possible.

 The Women of Earthbound

My work being viewed by a woman w/ a super cute baby.
 The rest of my work up at the show.

 My work as viewed from the entrance.
The room my work showed in and some lively conversation.
 My work again.
 Everyone gathering together to find out who the nights art thief was.  (The show had a dinner theater-ish interactive game about an art thief with a large prize from the Spa)
 Revealing the thief.
 The crowd awaits the reveal.
The art thief herself!  Since she wasn't caught she also won the Spa treatment. 

 This is the lovely artist who made the Jewelry displayed in front of my pieces.
 The bar, naturally I spent most of the night here.

 What a killer tattoo.

 Really gorgeous work.

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